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why structured cabling

Wiring Solutions by computer cabling

Structured cabling systems, although having a higher initial cost, usually show significant long-term savings by reducing the cost of moves, changes and additions. In most cases these benefits far outweigh the cost of implementation.

IS poor quality of cable affecting the efficiency of your Business?

Computer Cabling offers 9 years of experience in all areas of voice and data installations. Our highly trained technicians can design integrated fiber solutions to meet your company's most demanding needs.

Our Computer Cabling team have vast experience in diagnosing and correcting network problems stemming from cabling that is improperly installed or of poor quality. We can quickly eliminate problems such as lack of continuity and sub-standard labelling systems. Computer Cabling works to ensure your company gets optimal performance from your network.

We have technicians holding latest degrees and diplomas in the field of telecommunications and networking. This represents the highest degree of excellence in telecommunication, networking and data communication. We apply these capabilities and resources to design and implement every cable, voice and data systems for our customers within both the private and public sectors.

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  • Professsional Installation
  • Extensive Engineering
  • Years of experience
  • Solutions tailored to meet all needs
  • Complete communication
  • Security and networking solutions
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