COMPUTER CABLING is locally owned Ontario business since 1998 offering a variety of IT services including installation of telephone systems, computer systems, networking, and cabling services.
Structured cabling systems, although having a higher initial cost, usually show significant long-term savings by reducing the cost of moves...
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Computer Cabling’s Wi-Fi and broadband wireless solutions provide unparalleled, unmatched flexibility for fast-changing organizations...
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Our Company

Our Company

Computer Cabling specialise in end-to-end data and voice cabling services, connectivity or transmission. Our experts can assist with the professional design of your network or telephone system, expert installation of your data and voice cabling, and configuration of your telecommunications equipment. Our cabling solutions cover all types of copper and fibre cabling, using flexible patching and cable management systems which provide the ability to expand and enhance networks as business needs and requirements change.


  • Professsional Installation
  • Extensive Engineering
  • Years of experience
  • Solutions tailored to meet all needs
  • Complete communication
  • Security and networking solutions

Our Partners

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